Policy // Life Lessons

Things I've learned and live by:

Learn when to apologize. Also, learn when NOT to apologize. You can be respectful and gracious without saying sorry.

I make no distinction between family and friends. Some people are in our lives due to lineage. Some people are in our lives by choice. The relationships we actively nurture are not accidental. They enrich our lives and are of utmost importance.

Nothing in life is perfect and it never will be. Beating yourself up is pointless. Experience, acknowledge, learn, understand, grow, move on.

Mindset is absolutely everything. Remember this: You are going to fail. It happens and that's okay. Have a positive attitude, learn from it, exercise patience, and NEVER give up. The only real obstacle, is you.

When you start a family DO NOT have a quiet house. Watch a movie with the volume up, vacuum, have a friend or two over after the kids go to bed. Your children will adapt to the normal noise of a house being lived in. Do not tiptoe around your own house. Live your life.

Take care of yourself first. This isn’t being selfish. Dedicating time to ensure your mental, physical, and spiritual health must be paramount; it’s the foundation of your life. Everything and everyone who count on you, also rely on this foundation.

Keep things simple. Removing extra layers of unneeded complexity saves time, money, and frustration. ALWAYS try to simplify.

Life lessons happen more often than you might think. Check back soon for more.